To Love out of Gratitude – The 30-Year-Story of St. Stanislav’s Institution

Various stages in the life of men and institutions illustrate their growth, which through time define their identity. St. Stanislav’s Institution was founded on 13th November 1992 and a year later lessons started in the partly renovated building. It was returned to the Archdiocese of Ljubljana by the then government of The Republic of Slovenia, […]

Spring Excursion of the School EU Club to Brussels

The visit took place from 7th–11th March 2023 and included getting to know the European Parliament, meeting two of the Slovene MEPs, admiring some of the Brussels highlights, going to Bruges and joining friends at Sint-Jozefscollege Torhout. This is how the entire event resonated with one of the DCG students, who participated in the event: […]