Janez F. Gnidovec Residence Hall provides university students a positive environment for studying as well as for their personal growth and development in society. It encourages the student to be creative, independent and responsible.

Everyday Activities

The residence hall houses university students from various parts of Slovenia who are studying in Ljubljana. They stay in apartments consisting of two rooms with two beds, a bathroom and a kitchen. Internet access is also available. Students may also use study rooms and library; on the ground floor and in the basement are common areas for social activities as well as laundry and a kitchen. They are given access to the sports hall, fitness  and outdoor sports facilities. The Chapel of the Wisdom of God is always open for worship and prayer. Holy Mass is celebrated regularly.

Students must meet two requirements for admission into the residence hall: they must be registered, full-time university students and accept the educational orientation and rules of the residence hall.

Programme Features

Special emphasis is placed on relationships, as we strive to be a community that supports each individual’s uniqueness, encouring the discovery and development of talents and vocations. The residence hall does not only provide a suitable environment for studying, but also aims to guide every student’s personal growth in becoming a capable and responsible member of society. Thus every student is encouraged to dedicate some time and talents to the preparation of common activities in the residence hall and take part in the activities of the Institution, such as cultural events or tutoring to students of the gymnasium or primary school.

Student Life

The students themselves organise a variety of activities. There are groups for spiritual life, sport, charity, creativity, culture, social life and editing group of a bi-annual magazine “Kavč/Sofa”. Every year they prepare activities for freshman initiation, the feast of St. Martin, St. Nicholas celebration, cultural and debate evenings, an evening by the pond for St. Gregory’s day, and an end-of-year picnic. The students organise events which promote charity, social activity and self-reliance among the youth. Several events with The Jeglič Student Home reinforce the sense of community in St. Stanislav’s Institution. University students themselves organise annually a sports meeting of all Catholic residence halls in the country.