Good Shepherd Kindergarten implements a state-approved preschool curriculum which includes activities in six fields: physical activity, language, arts, society, nature and math. A special emphasis is laid on certain areas of interests that is why several activities of extended programme are carried out such as physical activities, music, early start with books, contact with nature and spirituality.

»Building Bridges Together« is the motto of this academic year in St. Stanislav’s Institution. It is a festive year as Good Shepherd Kindergarten celebrates the 5th anniversary. New bridges will be built in the kindergarten and with other schools within the institution. The concept of classical education as one of the fundamentals of education at St. Stanislav’s, will be pursued both in teaching and planning in visual arts, music, physical activities, theatre and nature.


As the Good Shepherd we wish to protect and accept every child as a unique and indispensable part of the group, to inspire awe and enthusiasm about the endless beauty of everything created and to co-create a beautiful life of each individual and the entire community based on Christian values.

  • create the environment where children would feel safe, accepted and loved
  • present children the fundamental Christian values by applying them in everyday life ( good-heartedness, fairness, helpfulness, peacefulness, respect …) show that life is good
  • discover and be fascinated by the beauty of creation
  • teach them how to live a healthy life (physical activity, eating habits, hygiene …)
  • discover, develop and upgrade child’s skills from all fields of curriculum
  • generate interest for the arts
  • help parents in educating their children for an independent life


Special emphases

Music through the following events: song and instrument of the month; collaboration with the Music School: daily singing and music lessons

Art through numerous workshops encouraging various drawing and painting techniques and crafts; all year exhibitions of painters, art students as well as present and future pupils Alojzij Šuštar Primary School.

Movement through daily physical activities that develop balance, coordination, power and flexibility of the body; as well as through courses of rollerblading, cycling and basic skiing.

Spiritual growth is taken care of by the kindergarten chaplain Martin Zlobko, whose weekly visits present an integral part of work in this field. He sets a shining example of the Good Shepherd. Spiritual growth of children is supported by the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, retreats and observing the festivities throughout the liturgical year.

Early contact with books through encouraging reading with parents, reading in the open air with older students and reading in the fairy tale room which functions as a kindergarten library. Children take part in several national projects which boost literacy at an early age (literacy backpack, Slomšek reading award, “Reading Together” etc.)

Outdoor activities are promoted by daily spending quality time in the open air and by many projects (survival in nature, growing herbs, camping, forest pedagogy)


In the school year 2019/2020 there are two younger and three older homogenous groups as well as one heterogeneous group.

The playrooms are named after Slovene fairy tale heroes. Each of them has a main quality and they serve the children as a role model and encouragement to do good.

  • The slipper cat – loving tidiness
  • The grateful bear – gratefulness
  • Bobek and the little boat – friendship
  • Videk’s new shirt – mutual collaboration
  • Peter Klepec – good heartedness and modesty
  • Mojce Pokraculja – benevolence
  • Kekec – happiness and kindheartedness

A day in the kindergarten

The nursery teacher lovingly greets each child and takes it to its friends.

Time before breakfast is dedicated to fee-form playing or enjoying any other activity according to a child’s wish. Breakfast is at 8 a.m.

At nineish each group gathers for morning circle time, when the topic of the day is defined. Children create, do some research, sing, read or get in touch with the nature.

After the morning snack, time is spent in the open air, regardless weather.

Younger groups have lunch at 11 a.m., older groups at 11.30 a.m.

After lunch, a short rest time is meant for all children. However, the most tired ones are woken up at 2 p.m. for the afternoon snack. Children who cannot sleep may choose among the activities that are more relaxed and quiet.

The time after the afternoon snack is spent together in the roomy playroom or outdoor, where children meet their parents.


The kindergarten consists of six big, bright and modernly equipped playrooms. Each of them has its own bathroom and five a covered terrace with access to the kindergarten’s big playground. Apart from the playground equipment there is also a roofed pavilion to play in as well as two lower hills where winter ski course take place. The shepherd’s atrium and the kindergarten library all offer ample space for extra activities. The kindergarten has its own canteen and some rooms that are shared with primary school, namely the theatre room, gym and outdoor classroom.