Mission and Values

The mission of the student home is to enable the students’ personal growth and development into good people, responsible Christians and citizens, through the experience of cohabitation, formation of authentic relationships and setting personal examples for the youth.

The educational approach and the activities of the student home are led by the following values: responsibility, Christian faith, trust, meaningful relationships and respect for human dignity.

Everyday Activities

The students are organised into educational groups. Time for studying is organised in the afternoon and in the evening and a permanent guidance counsellor is assigned to each group. The students in the dormitory are fully cared for; they are provided good living and learning conditions and numerous opportunities to attend activites in the school and student home. Upon admission into the student home each student together with his/her parents signs a special statement confirming agreement with the rules and accepting the educational orientation of the student home.

Social life and clubs

The students have at their disposal additional mentored activities and numerous possibilities to actively spend their free time. Evenings are especially social; many special interest activities, clubs, group meetings, recreational events, cultural presentations, lectures, movies, dances and other social gatherings are organized. Students have the opportunity to attend music, theater or other performances and to visit exhibitions taking place at St. Stanislav’s Institution. Numerous events during the school year make staying in the student home even more interesting, such as first-year student orientation, educational group weekends, St. Nicholas Day celebration, Shrovetide celebration, collaboration with student homes in Ljubljana and different sport events.

Programme Characteristics

The Jeglič Student Home is a Catholic dormitory, which means that interpersonal relationships, life and work are based on Christian values. The students live there during their very impressionable, formative years. What is very important to life in the home is that the youth are surrounded by appropriate company that encourages positive values, that they learn how to live in a community, and that they feel accepted.

Pastoral care and volunteer work

Students have the opportunity to take part in the liturgical ceremonies as well as numerous opportunities for encouraging spiritual development and personal growth. The student home has its own chaplain, who is at the students’ disposal for spiritual discourse or confession. The spiritual principle of our educational efforts is: awakening, encouraging and strengthening growth in personal faith and an active life. Numerous spiritual events add variety to life in the student home.
We place great emphasis on solidarity. Students can dedicate part of their free time to serve others within organised volunteer and social work in different institutions in Slovenia and abroad.