The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium Alumni Club 

The need for a club that would connect all former students of the gymnasium has been growing with the increasing number of generations that have left the desks of the DCG. Our graduates have come to understand that in addition to the rich knowledge they attained, their friendships are a most enduring legacy of their time spent here.

The club unites former students and helps them to stay in touch with each other, St. Stanislav’s Institution and the DCG. It enables networking in professional, scientific, business and other fields, and spreads awareness of the importance of the humanistic and classical tradition. An important aspect of the alumni group is that members help each other and participate in social activities.

The club began its activities in spring 2010, with the following slogan chosen for its guiding principle: Unitas, libertas, caritas. Prior to this club, the Student Society Megaron was founded in 1998 and still successfully unites alumni who are studying at university.

Twice a year the club publishes the review Amo®, with the purpose of presenting as wide a circle of alumni as possible. The members organise annual meetings, round tables, meetings of individual graduating classes and a charity dance. They contribute their experiences and knowledge in an annual round table organised to help students of DCG choose a field of study and profession.

The present chair of the DCG Alumni Club is Marko Balažic, who will be happy to be of assistance in establishing contacts with members of the Alumni Club, its activities and any other related information.