The Institute for Education Research and Development (InERD) is an organisation within St. Stanislav’s dedicated to the continuous improvement of the pedagogical process offered at the schools, from kindergarten to the gymnasium. The institute was founded in 2007 and conducted several surveys and research studies based on the voluntary work of professors who founded the institute in its first years.

Since obtaining several international projects and funding from various institutions, we were able to reorganise the institute in 2013. No longer based solely on voluntary work, the institute now employs three researchers and has expanded its operations within and outside St. Stanislav’s.

The institute offers administrative aid and help with project management to all of the Slovenian Catholic schools. It also cooperates with some other schools and is looking to expand further.

Another activity of the institute involves public relations and promotion of St. Stanislav’s and occasionally other Catholic schools. The main goal of these activities is to bring the achievements, positions, and values that St. Stanislav’s represents closer to the general public. We feel that it is only in genuine and open communication with the world that our mission can be carried out.

Besides project management and promotion the institute has continued its role in the research and development of the pedagogical process. It performs around 20 surveys and evaluations yearly including several longitudinal studies of former attendees of St. Stanislav’s, and a larger number of performance monitoring studies.