Project coordinator at St. Stanislav’s: Marko Weilguny
Start date: 1. 7. 2014
End date: 30. 6. 2015 (extended till 30. 6. 2016)
Coordinating institution: St. Stanislav’s Institution, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Partner institutions: /
Project in the programme: Erasmus +, KA 1

We find it very important to keep our teachers up-to-date and constantly renewing their skills. In this round we have decided to focus on 4 main aspects: language – both on primary and secondary school level; outdoor learning for primary school and natural sciences for secondary school.

Our primary school teachers gain further competences on outdoor education. They attend courses on inspiring creativity, experiamenta learning as well as specific knowledge on nature and related topics.

Another key point for primary school is also developing language teaching skills for young learners. Children from Alojzij Šuštar Primary School learn English from the first grade on and it is really important for teachers to gain experience and have opportunities to share good practice.

In secondary school we also aim to improve and renew approaches in foreign language teaching. We have therefore chosen several  courses in order for the teachers to improve teaching skills and bring  the process of lerning a foreign language closer to students. Some courses on the other hand aim to brush up our teachers’ language skills.

The last segment of the courses chosen is a course in chemistry which is focused on the adaptation of ICT in the classroom. We are in the process of reshaping natural science classes and therefore have chosen this workshop as a pilot class to gain experience and broaden horizons.