Project coordinator at St. Stanislav’s: Monika Omovšek
Start date: 1. 6. 2016
End date: 31. 5. 2018
Coordinating institution: St. Stanislav’s Institution, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Number of mobilities: 14
Project in the programme: Erasmus +, KA 1

Professional Staff for a Successful School is the third project of the school staff mobility at St. Stanislav’s Institution. The biggest emphasis of the project is laid on the opportunities for improving foreign language skills of primary and secondary school teachers. In the last years, the number of international activities has increased and St. Stanislav’s aims at strengthening these links and establishing new ones. Therefore, we need teachers who are confident in using foreign languages and eager and willing to take responsibilities of international partnerships and activities. This project is also a step forward to a more systematic approach for introducing innovation in the teaching process. In the course of carrying out this project, we want to create a working group that will first dedicate its time to prepare a clear strategy for these changes and for the introduction to the new technologies and will later work on the acquisition of knowledge and skills and will provide trainings to better equip the staff at St. Stanislav’s.

In addition to 14 mobilities, the project also concentrates on the preparation process for teachers who will take part in the mobilities. With this preparation, we want to strenghten their sense of belonging to St. Stanislav’s and its mission. We want to encourage internal cohesion within St. Stanislav’s and improve examples of good practice already developed within our units. This preparation also makes the participants aware of the  expectations and outcomes of a particular seminar considering the European development plan of St. Stanislav’s.