Project coordinator at St. Stanislav’s: Alenka Battelino

Start date: 15. 12. 2020

End date: 14. 12. 2022

Coordinating Institution: Mallinckrodt-Gymnasium, Dortmund, Germany

Partner Institutions:

Sint-Jozefscollege, Torhout, Belgium

Institut Saint Dominique, Mortefontaine, France

SUGS Georgi Dimitrov, Skopje, Northern Macedonia

St. Stanislav’s Institution, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Wellington School, Ayr, Scotland

Project in the programme: Erasmus +, KA 2 (schools only)


General Description of the Project:

The environment, sustainability, global warming, biodiversity – these are topics which engage young people across the world; yet while many are ‘talking the talk’, they are not all ‘walking the walk’. This project aims to capture the interest of our students in the natural world and the environment and help them to make changes that will ensure the sustainable future that they are campaigning for. Although young people are worried about the future of our planet, many are not making the small changes in their lives that would help to safeguard the planet. Food waste, conspicuous consumption and reluctant recyclers are present in our schools in Belgium, France, Germany, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia and Scotland (UK). This project will encourage the small steps which can be taken by everyone for the good of all.