Project coordinator at St. Stanislav’s: Jerneja Primožič
Start date: 1. 6. 2017
End date: 31. 5. 2019
Coordinating institution: St. Stanislav’s Institution, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Number of mobilities: 23
Project in the programme: Erasmus +, KA 1

Active Staff for a Vibrant School is the fourth Erasmus+ KA1 project of St. Stanislav’s Institution. Based on the previous experience of planning and carrying out teacher trainings abroad, the project seeks to continue and further develop our work in the field of international development of our staff.

In the last three years, St. Stanislav’s carried out seven Erasmus+ projects (three KA 1 projects along with coordinating two KA 2 projects and being a partner in two other KA 2 projects) and some other international projects.

Participating in teacher trainings abroad is all about improving the competencies of our staff. We would like to encourage our more experienced teachers to refresh their knowledge and, on the other hand, give younger teachers an opportunity to improve their competencies and widen their horizons to increase the awareness of a broader European educational context.

With this project, we aim to equip a great number of our teachers with the skills needed to participate in international projects, partnerships, and exchanges and to become leaders of various activities within our institution.

Within the project 23 mobilities will be carried out. The project addresses six areas of interest:

  1. Communication: improving the oral and written communication in a foreign language for non-language teachers (4 courses).
  2. Foreign languages: getting to know new approaches and methods for teaching foreign languages (6 courses).
  3. Outdoor education and experiential learning (4 courses).
  4. New methods: new methods to enrich and modernize the teaching process with an emphasis on the use of modern information technologies (7 courses).
  5. Management (1 course).
  6. STEM (1 course).