Visiting Teacher From Japan Uncovers the Far East to DCG Students

20160129_Japonska - Yuka Marubashi_007
Valuable cross-cultural experience

Yuka Marubashi, an English teacher at Kanto Daiichi High School in Tokyo, Japan visited St. Stanislav’s Institution from 30th January-3rd February 2016. She held several lessons in the DCG classes to unveil some cultural, social and educational aspects of the country. Students were especially impressed by the Japanese manners and etiquette, which differ widely from Slovene ways. The quiz on Japan and Slovenia brought about some competitive spirit among students and excited amazement at the large number of Japanese high tech products used in Europe and our school as well. This was a unique firsthand learning opportunity to provide students also with some basic Japanese words as well as Katakana and Hiragana alphabets.
The entire school community had the pleasure of Yuka’s company and performing at the traditional annual school singing festival. /Lily Schweiger Kotar/