Transnational Project Meeting 3 in Târgovişte, Rumania

fotka romunija
Joint photo in Targoviste

The third transnational project meeting of Art Nouveau – Art Renouveau took place from 1st–5th July 2016 and was organized by Constantin Catacuzino National College from Târgovişte. The activities of the second year of the project were reviewed and evaluated: it was found out that all activities were carried out according to the plan made at the second TPM in Bulgaria. Three teaching learning activities were organized starting with the first in Rumania, followed by the second in Slovenia and ending with the one in Bulgaria. Around 100 students were involved in each, either travelling, hosting or organizing activities. They were accompanied by 17 teachers. The response from all active participants was positive with many ideas for further cooperation among partners and outer organizations. The results of the project are regularly published in local newspapers and other media. Plans for the third year of the project were discussed since it will be a another busy year with two Teaching Learning Activities on their way in the coming academic year (France in September and Germany in April) and final reports to be written. The hosts organized a wonderful programme where the Art Nouveau town trail on Târgovişte was tested. The trail was designed during the project. We had an Art Nouveau tour around Bucharest, which was flourishing at the time and with many houses built in the Art Nouveau style called Little Paris. Alenka Battelino, Daša Oberč and Bernarda Podlipnik from St. Stanislav’s Institution participated in the event. /Alenka Battelino, project coordinator/