Traditional Singing Festival 2016

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Singing is a powerful community experience

This year’s main theme was ethno music, which brought about numerous arrangements of folk songs from Slovenia and abroad. The heart and soul of the festival, Damijan Močnik, claims this year’s festival has been the best in every aspect. The winning song was an arrangement of a Slovene folk song Marko skače /Marko Is Jumping/made by Marko Rus, with inspiring choreography by Blaž Pavlakovič, who was also the class’ conductor. They are both members of the winning class, as is the author of the following report:
Every January and February something changes at the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium. If one listens closely, singing can be heard from every classroom during breaks and even classes. Preparations for the traditional annual singing festival are in full swing. What is the singing festival anyway? The entire school community lives for this event. It does not matter whether you are the next Mozart or completely out of tune, you sing together with your classmates. Some classes practise for months, aiming to win, while others start a week before and participate just for fun. On the festival day, the tension grows as the school hall fills to the brim with students, teachers and other visitors. The roaring applause marks the beginning of the show and the teachers perform their arrangement, which usually causes salves of laughter. Then the real competition begins. Once you step on the stage, the adrenaline kicks in and you just sing your heart out together with your friends. The rush of performing is indescribable and once you sing that last note you already feel like you are on top of the world. At the end, the judges retreat to discuss the winners. Meanwhile, the stand-up comedians take over relieving the tension. The classes that practiced the most are hoping to snatch an award. Best debutants, best cover, best original song and best choreography are just some of the awards given. Of course there is the reward for the best singing class. The Oscar of the festival. Two runners-up are also awarded, but winning the first place is a dream. Especially if you are a part of the class that won for the second year in a row and receive three awards on this year’s singing festival. /Klara Jukič Wilfan, year 4/