The DCG Students Take Part In the 4th Olympiad of Metropolises in Moscow

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The Slovene Team to compete for the first time at the Olympiad of Metropolises

The Olympiad of Metropolises is an international team competition, which is held in Moscow every year, its participants being 14-18 year old students, who live in the biggest metropolises of the world. The first olympiad took place in 2016 with 173 students competing from 22 cities, this year they came from 45 metropolises all together. They showed their knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and informatics in a competition consisting of a blitz-contest and two main rounds.

From 1st – 6th September 2019 Ljubljana took part for the first time with a team of eight students, six from Gimnazija Bežigrad (T. Drnovšek, G. Gajič, Gal A. Gorše, D. Lisjak, A. Modic and M. Zupan) and two from The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, namely Maja Budna and Urh Robič. We are happy to announce that the Slovene team was a prize-winner of a blitz-contest; an excellent result was also achieved by M. Zupna and A. Modic, both from Gimnazija Bežigrad, who were awarded silver medals in chemistry competition. The mentor of the DCG students is Helena Starc Grlj, teacher of informatics.

This is how Maja Budna experienced the event: »On Saturday morning, our team gathered at Brnik airport. We enjoyed a three-hour flight to Moscow. In the evening we were all quite exhausted, so we waited for the following day to explore Moscow. On Sunday afternoon we participated in the opening ceremony. Monday was the first competition day, when we participated in the blitz contest – the eight of us solving 80 tasks together. The next day went really well, with the first part of the official competition taking place in the morning. There were 5 hours available to solve 4 problems. In the afternoon we went on a sightseeing bus tour of Moscow. The next day the second competition followed and after lunch we visited a park. When we were all done with the competition, our exploring of Moscow had just begun. On Thursday, we took a boat tour down the river to see famous Moscow buildings from another view. The next day we were discovering Moscow by ourselves and in the afternoon we concluded the Olympiad with a closing ceremony. We were especially proud of Marjetka and Adam, who won the silver medal in chemistry. The official part was over but that did not mean we had already finished our visit in Russia. On Saturday, the Muscovites celebrated a Moscow Day with a huge number of events all around the city to mark the event. First, we took a look at the famous Cosmonaut Museum, then moved to the Izmail Park to enjoy the flea market. In the evening there was our last get-together to play games, before heading back to Slovenia on Sunday morning.» /Maja Budna, year 4/