The Days of Physics

Students Absorbed in Experiments

During summer holidays, from 26th-28th August 2019, a traditional summer camp was held at St. Stanislav’s Institution. Twenty students from different countries, namely, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, gathered in order to perform multiple physics experiments. The event was led by the following teachers of physics at the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium: Tine Golež, Martin Čokl and Iztok Kukman.

The participating students were divided into three groups and additionally into pairs – each pair was to conduct a different experiment at a time. Each experiment was tied to a different aspect of physics. Especially outstanding was the demonstration of a power plant, which used the potential energy of the water in order to produce electricity. Other experiments included measurement of geometrical optics, finding drag coefficient of a spherical body, calculation of maximum output of a solar cell, investigating how the acceleration of rotating ball depends on the slope of the hill, and many more. We were measuring, calculating, graphing and were introduced to numerical calculation.

In there three days we had an opportunity to see how theory can be applied to perform and predict outcomes of various experiments. /Lea Briški, year 4/