The 25th Anniversary Concert Leaves a Heartfelt Musical Mark and Introduces a New School Name  

Community of The Matija Tomc Music School Has Been a Joyous Site for 25 Years

The official name of The Music School is now The Matija Tomc Music School, after the priest, teacher of music at the pre-war Diocesan Classical Gymnasium and prolific composer Matija Tomc. He felt great passion for choir singing and was also professor of organ at The Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana.

The jubilee year has been marked by several events, of which the most outstanding are the solemn celebration in November under the central theme of “Do we read each other?” and the above mentioned jubilee concert in May. The key speaker at the concert was the headmaster of The Matija Tomc Music School Daniel Eyer, B.A., who spoke highly of the remarkable trace and countless music events of artistic excellence that the community of teachers, students and alumni have created over a quarter of a century. “Students’ openness and readiness for work are not surprising, as teachers’ commitment, competence and focus are to be admired on a daily basis.” On the occasion of the silver jubilee The Matija Tomc Music School recognised high achievers in the field of music, who have been fostering harmony for the last 25 years. They have been playing different musical instruments, namely the piano, jazz piano, violin, viola, flute, recorder, accordion, horn, trumpet, guitar, organ, zither, voice and performing jazz singing. Long live music in St. Stanislav’s Institution! /Lily Schweiger Kotar/