Teaching staff visit from Bischöfliches Gymnasium Graz, Austria

template_r1_c1St. Stanislav’s Institution hosted the entire teaching staff from Graz with their director dr. Justinus Greifeneder on 12th March 2016. Both gymnasiums have had a long and fruitful history of exchanges in different fields. A day before their visit the (Re)Mixed Choir of DCG returned from Graz where they took part in a joint choral concert ; in April already the fourth language exchange will take place and we are looking forward to hosting Austrian students in the diocasean Classicla Gymnasium in Ljubljana.
Director of St. Stanislav’s Institution dr. Roman Globokar presented in brief the history of the institution, especially the newly opened primary school and kindergarten. The tour of the instutiton which followed, offered an insight view of our work and endeavours. After lunch the staff continued their excursion in Slovenia. Irena Bolta, teacher of German at The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, was responsible for the visit.