Success at International English Language Competition

The Best in English contest, which took place on November 16th 2023, is an online English competition that includes countries in the EU and more. This year 24,343 students from 702 schools in 34 countries took part. It is opened to all high schools and their students aged 14-19. The level of the test is B1 – C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The best students win a 2-week trip to Canada. Škofijska klasična gimnazija in Zavod sv. Stanislava did really well by getting the 167th position out of 702 schools globally. We are happy to announce that some students excelled also individually. The best result was achieved by Jurij Martinčič, (year 3), who was one of the top 7 students in Slovenia and ranked 66 out of everyone. Klara Lešnik (year 4) was second-best, followed by Jerica Brolih (year 3), Klara Gaberšek, (year 4), and Rihard Rener (year 2.)

The school community feels proud of students’ success and everything they have accomplished. Congratulations. /Katja Gorjup/