St. Stanislav’s Day – Life is a Road

Life is a road

Each year the entire school community celebrates St. Stanislav’s Day to mark the feast of the Institution’s patron. We have the pleasure of inviting you to this year’s celebration which will be marked with holy mass and a solemn celebration on Tuesday 15th November 2016. Holy mass will be celebrated at 3 p.m. in the parish church of St. Vitus in Ljubljana Šentvid by the Archbishop of Ljubljana Msgr. Stanislav Zore. The solemn celebration will take place at 5 p. m. in the new sports hall of the Alojzij Šuštar Primary School. Mrs. Vlasta Doležal Rus, a long serving Headmistress of The Music School in St. Stanislav’s Institution, will hold the official speech. In the heart of our educational process is a person growing up from kindergarten children to high school and university students. Every period will be marked by poetry, music and speech, which complementary interact and establish relations, thus forming a sensible entity.

The performance will be given by the students of all schools in St. Stanislav’s Institution and they will attempt to answer the following questions: Why is school important? What advantages does a school community offer? What road does your life take? What is your next step?  We look forward to meeting you.

Roman Globokar, Ph. D., Director of St. Stanislav’s Institution