St. Stanislav Youth Choir sets off on a tour in Poland, Finland and Estonia

St. Stanislav Youth Choir of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium

It all started on Wednesday, 20th October 2017 when we had our last rehearsal before the departure. After going through the programme, we left for a small town Zgierz in Poland. The ride was very long, but the musical chosen by Mr Močnik was so great we did not even want to go to sleep. Some of us read books, listened to music or practiced songs for our first concert next day.
The concert took place at Zgierz Secondary School, but first we took a stroll down the streets which still give an impression of socialist regime.
At 11 o’clock we started with our performance and amazed the whole school. Even the singers themselves were pleasantly surprised by performing skills after a tiring ride of 1002 km! After the concert, we took the tram to Lodz and went sightseeing. In the evening we arrived to Warsaw where we had a short practice and got a really late delicious dinner.
The next day we started discovering the highlights of Warsaw and saw the palace on the water and a huge Polish “Tivoli Park”. We had some time off and spent it mostly wandering around the shops and eating traditional food.
Free time was followed by the concert in the Warsaw Cathedral. The concert was opened by a local men’s choir from Warsaw. Right after the concert we continued our trip to the next destination – Tallinn, Estonia. /Marta Novak, Klara Pogačar, Barbara Kobal, year 4/