St. Stanislav Girls’ Choir of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium: Setting off to Canada and the USA

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Hamilton Children’s Choir and St. Stanislav Girls’ Choir Sharing a Song

The long anticipated grand tour started on 18th February 2019 when St. Stanislav Girls’ Choir with the conductor Helena Fojkar Zupančič and other accompanying persons set off first to Toronto, Canada. It was quite a shock to experience fierce winter and low tempertures there. Nevertheless, The Niagara Falls charmed the girls with their majestic appearance and roaring waters and the best tourist guide ever – Damijan Močnik. The first singing practice started already on the second day. The choir also met  the  welcoming members of the Slovene community living in one of the nearby parishes, who provided for delicious snacks and most pleasant company.

The first pre-concert practice took place in St. Gregory the Great Slovenian Church in Hamilton, Otario. Diligent local ladies prepared some unforgettable beef sour, apple studel and potica (Slovene traditional walnut roll cake). It really felt like home. The concert itself took place in Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton. One of the most prominent world youth choirs  Hamilton Children’s Choir was there to perform with St. Stanislav Girl’s Choir. Hamilton Children’s Choir’s heart and soul is its Artistic Director Zimfira Poloz, an energetic and inspiring  Kazhkstan born, who took the choir to most important world competitions and festivals. It was an honour for the Slovene girls to sing together. The evening ended with two jointly sung pieces, which made the audience feel the heartiness of young singers and awarded them with standing ovations. /Lily Schweiger Kotar/