Results of the Best in English Competition

Tinkara in action

On November 30, twenty-nine students from the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium participated in the European online English Language Competition Best in English for the first time. They were more than eager to grasp the opportunity to compare their English language skills with those of 15 107 European peers coming from 683 schools and 28 countries. The test fulfilled the needs of students of all years and abilities.

Today we are delighted to announce some really impressive results of our students. The most outstanding achievement of Tinkara Uršič Fratina from 3C class, who held the 42th place, was just the best among other impressive results obtained by Nika Knez, Nina Katarina Štular, Mark Loborec, Matic Kotar and Matevž Herič. We offer our sincere congratulations to all our contestants! /Petra Kromar/