Reception at the Spanish Ambassy for Gold Award Winners of National Spanish Competition

His Excellency Juan Aristegui Laborde with Gold Award Winners

The reception took place on 23 May, 2022 and Kristina Črnič /year 3/, student of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, a national vice-champion and a Gold Award winner of Dilo en español participated in the event. The reception for 13 winners and their mentors was hosted by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain, His Excellency Juan Aristegui Laborde in his Ljubljana residence. In his address the ambassador thanked the winners for their enthusiasm about learning Spanish language and accentuated the invaluable aspect of teachers’ work in promoting Spanish language and culture. The president of The Slovene Association of Teachers of Spanish Ms Pavlinka Korošec Kocmur gave the awards. The reception by the pool followed with some paella, prosciutto and a light hearted chat.

This is how Kristina experienced the event: »I attended one of the most glorious events of my life./…/ In the residence garden we tried some delicious paella, congratulated each other, and enjoyed each other’s company. At that point I realized that my efforts and my dedication to Spanish over those three years were well worth it. A big thank also goes to my mentor, Bojana Tomc, who introduced me to the secrets of Spanish language and cultures. Proud of what I have achieved, I am ready for the new challenges in Spanish language.«

Bojana Tomc, Ph.D., teacher of Spanish language and literature at The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium was Kristina’s mentor. Our heartiest congratualtions on the ourstanding success go to both ladies! /Lily Schweiger Kotar/