President Pahor with students of DCG on WWII divisions and reconciliation

President Pahor with students of DCG
President Pahor with studetns of DCG

On the initiative of student members of the DCG socio-political club, president of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor, president of the New Slovene Testament, Peter Sušnik and the General Secretary of the League of Association of Veterans for Values of National Liberation War in Slovenia Mitja Klavora joined for a panel discussion on reconciliation regarding WWII divisions. President Pahor moderated this “unprecedented event”, as he labelled it, which took place on 14th April, 2105 in St. Stanislav’s Institution, Ljubljana. The title of the meeting were the suggestive Antigone’s words: »I am here to love, not hate«.
The discussion on the views of the recent Slovene history was marked by different, even opposing, standpoints, but also by the intention of dialogue continuation. Regardless this fact, the meeting was as Pahor said »something good«. The discussion was concluded with the appeal for a certain amount of tolerance. Some people are bothered by one thing, some by another, nevertheless, he is convinced that »we share more things in common«.
Students who participated were mostly critical of the fact that they did not have enough opportunities to join in with questions, which still remain unanswered. Student Lucija believes that »there was a lot of talking, but not much was said. I had the impression that Mr Sušnik and Mr Klavora were not actually talking to each other. « Student Vid is still waiting for an answer to his question, which proves to be a crucial one: « Who are we trying to reconcile with? Until we do not answer this question (each and all of us), all further discussion is futile. If there is nobody to reconcile with, there is no need for reconciliation. «
Lily Schweiger Kotar