Poet Bluma Finkelstein Meets Students of The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium


Within the framework of the 49th International Writers’ Meeting in Bled, Slovenia, The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium had the honour of hosting Bluma Finkelstein, a poet and professor of French Literature at the University of Haifa in Isreal. The meeting with third year students took place on 10th May 2017 at 11.00p.m. in the A. Breznik School Library.

Bluma Finkelstein was born in Romania, but was forced to leave her homeland at an early age and has been leaving in Israel ever since. She is an active freedom fighter and has received several prizes for her engagement in this field. Bluma Finklestein has published 25 collections of poems, and 3 essays on Christian- Jewish dialogue. The moderator of the event was Ignacija Jarc Friedl, to who we are most grateful for bringing such a distinguished guest to St. Stanislav’s Institution. We are most grateful for such a lively meeting with the acclaimed poet and the discussion on the current issues as well as simply enjoying the good poetry reading./Lily Schweiger Kotar/