Outdoor Learning in The Czech Republic

fotka šetina
In front of the tipi

The »Outdoor« seminar was held in Týnec nad Labem from 18th – 22nd April 2016. Nine participants from Germany, Romania, Hungary, Spain and myself joined the event.

Understandably, the entire seminar was set outdoors, setting off with making a tipi tent, which was occasionally used as a shelter against cold wind and also as a kitchen where some of our meals were prepared.Forest served as a playground for a day and we learned through various games how to use our senses. We visited primary school Základní škola in Týnec nad Labem where we enjoyed staff’s hospitality and exchanged good teaching practice.

I learned about the importance of teacher’s body language and voice, which quite often turn out to be more important than the actual content/topic in the process of learning. I realised the need to ask myself five important questions when preparing the lessons: what, how, where, when and why. Teachers should focus more on motivation before lessons and be aware of the importance of voluntary, non-competitive games in the process of learning. Outdoor activities are closely related to personal and social development, environmental education, overall exploration, while the materials for all the activities are there, waiting to be used and then returned with a sentence: “Thank you, Nature!”

I have realised that teachers at the Alojzij Šuštar Primary School know how to use the »little paradise« in our school’s surroundings and try hard at outdoor education. I believe seminar participants were excited to hear about the good practice provided there. /Tina Šetina/