Open House Days 2016 at St. Stanislav’s Institution

20160130_Dan odprtih vrat-089
Valuable first-hand experience shared by present students

The open house days in St. Stanislav’s Institution were held in mid-February. Numerous prospective students and parents were considering further education at the DCG. Visitors came from 60 primary schools from all over Slovenia, which means that the Jeglič Student Home will offer accommodation to about one third of future students. Presentations by faculty and current students offered ample information on school program, covering academics, arts, athletic facilities and life at St. Stanislav’s as well as extracurricular activities and in particular admission procedures. In the academic year 2016/2017there are 140 places available at the DCG for entry in year one.  All four Slovene Catholic high schools will accept 420 students, which represent 0,02 % of the entire population entering secondary schools in Slovenia.
Visitors took most interest for the specific features of the DCG school program, which include the school subject Religion and Culture, learning the third foreign language besides English and Latin, possibility of taking classical Greek, participation in spiritual retreats and other activities which build the class community. International activities were presented as well, along with sports, arts and natural sciences, which decisively balance the curriculum of any classical gymnasium. Visitors stated in surveys that what they liked best in school was friendly attitude and welcoming atmosphere.
Considering great interest in the DCG we are happy to see that the school meets the demands of times, by which St. Stanislav’s Institution fulfills its mission which is to foster the integral personal growth of each individual in the community for the betterment of the world. /Lily Schweiger Kotar/