Nik Smerkolj Attends the European Youth Parliament Session in Rotterdam

The Slovene Delegation in EYP, Nik is third from left

The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium graduate Nik Smerkolj is currently attending the International session of European Youth Parliament as a Slovenian delegate. After a short visit to Amsterdam, he has settled in a hostel in a gorgeous neighbourhood of Rotterdam. These are some of his impressions: “Just being here and taking part in a session feels big. The Slovenian delegation is already looking forward to starting with work. All the delegates are divided into 15 committees, each dealing with a different topic, valuable to the European Union. I am a delegate in the committee on foreign affairs (AEFT) and our topic is Sahel – EU relations and current problems that the aforementioned region is facing, such as poverty, internal and external migration, lack of basic services and governance.

Apart from the political aspect, EYP is a great opportunity to meet new friends, improve your English skills, visit new countries and cities and gain some new experiences. EYP is there for you too! If you want to know more about it and how it works do not hesitate to contact me. You can also check the website of EYP Slovenia / or write them directly. /Nik Smerkolj, year 4/