Margaret &Thomas Luzar visited St. Stanislav’s Institution

Margaret&Thomas Luzar with students from 1.b class

Margaret &Thomas Luzar, who have been actively involved with St. Stanislav’s Institution ever since its reopening in 1993, visited our school on 1st March 2022. This was the first visit from abroad, after a long break of more than 2 years.  Margaret &Thomas Luzar are Americans with Slovene roots and true friends of our school community. During summer holidays they have been hosting students of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium for more than 20 years. This enables the students to have a first-hand experience of life in the USA, in particular when it comes to the community of American Slovenes and their descendants.

Margaret &Thomas Luzar met the director of St. Stanislav’s Institution Anton Česen, M.A., as well as the headmaster of The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium Simon Feštanj, B.A. and some teachers in charge of the exchange. The highlight seemed to be an English lesson with students in class 1.b, where some stereotypes about Americans were discussed.

We are pleased to announce that international life is being gradually reintroduced after a long covid break. /Alenka Balletino, teacher of English/