Leadership Change in St. Stanislav’s Institution

20180216_Zahvalna_maša_Romana_Globokarja (46)
Roman Globokar’s Farewell Speech

In February 2018 the community of St. Stanislav’s Institution bid farewell to the long serving director Roman Globokar and welcomed the new leadership of Anton Česen. At the farewell mass Mr. Globokar accentuated that »he is actually leaving home, not only changing jobs«, which adequately summarizes how he felt about his life and work at St. Stanislav’s Institution. Since 2001 Roman Globokar served the institution as a teacher of Religion and culture, school chaplain, taking over the directorship in November 2005. At the same time, he taught also at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Ljubljana, where he continues his teaching position and research work.

He will be remembered for many achievements and qualities, but he feels in particular strong about three features of his work. Firstly, there was the coordination of tasks in all six constituent parts of the institution, especially in terms of common educational and spiritual direction as well as effective interaction among the priests’ work. This was closely connected with the second goal, namely with building of community. The number of employed has almost doubled in the last 12 years, so underpinning of common traits in reflection and action was of utmost importance. Comprehensive growth of every individual in the physical, intellectual, relational, social and spiritual sense has always been at the heart of the interest of governing body of St. Stanislav’s Institution. The third point is the aspect of creativity, which is more important than knowledge itself. This includes thinking out of the box, being open for challenges, accepting a different world and daring to search for innovative solutions.

Mr. Globokar is grateful to God for having brought him to St. Stanislavs’ Institution. “I have never been in search for my personal benefits, tough I received them in great abundance.  From the very first day, the institution felt like home. I am proud to see the Alojzij Šuštar Primary School and Good Shepherd Kindergarten to prosper. But most importantly it fills my heart with joy realizing that the beauty of newly devised buildings positively influence the employees, pupils, parents and visitors.”

Roman Globokar feels confident about the future of St. Stanislav’s Institution. “Nothing is ideal in this world”, he reflects, “but the fundamental atmosphere is inspiring and productive. Mostly I shall miss teaching in The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium. I believe it is imperative to discus with the young ethical and social questions.”

Luckily, there will be plenty of opportunities for Mr. Globokar to work with the young in the future. He will work in the field of the university ministry, offering extra knowledge on Christian humanism, thus enabling a development of the Christian view of man and the world we live in. This brings about the understanding of no confrontation between faith and intellect.

On behalf of the entire community of St. Stanislav’s Institution, I would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Globokar for his dedicated work and commitment. May God continue to bless him! /Lily Schweiger Kotar; partially adapted from the interview by Z. Candellari/