»Indescribably beautiful«

Susan Coontz Was Presented a Diploma by Simon Feštanj, Head of DCG

….  are the words by Susan Coontz which summarise many facts, but above all, they refer to ten years of fruitful cooperation between Wellington School in Ayr, Scotland and The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, the relationship that has developed ever since things set off and the trustful atmosphere among teachers and students involved. Last but not least, the two words describe the three days from 5th-8th May 2017, which Mrs Coontz spent in St. Stanislav’s Institution and were marked with several highlights, among which the 24th Annual Concert of St. Stanislav’s Choirs and a cosy trip to Vipava Valley need to be mentioned. She featured as a special guest at the concert and was awarded a diploma that explained why Mrs Coontz is the heart and soul of exchanges – it is her eager commitment and continual support during the past ten years of fruitful cooperation /…/and the high level of her personal engagement in this matter. The schools have been involved in the following international projects: UCAP, Commenius, Erasmus +, and some individual exchanges between Wellington and St. Stanislav’s.

I trust that as long as students are in the hands of such committed teachers and take the opportunity to travel, meet new people, embrace unknown cultures and learn to live in peace and understanding of all kinds – there is nothing to fear. In this way, the present and the future are indescribably beautiful. /Lily Schweiger Kotar/