German Language Course in Bamberg, Germany

fotka, bramberg

I took part in an intensive German language course held at the Language Institute Treffpunkt in Bamberg, Bavaria from 7th-11th March 2016. There were seven participants in our group; but we spent quite some time with the learners from other groups as well. Before the start of the course, I took the placement test.

The morning sessions were meant for classroom work, whereas the afternoons were reserved for independent work and group activities. I took part in various activities such as lectures on culture, language, and history, a guided city tour, joint lunches and dinners. I really liked the friendly attitude of our teacher and other employees. I took the opportunity to speak with them during lunchtime. Such small talk enabled me to improve my communication skills needed when I am a tour guide for our students on their excursions to Austria and Germany. In addition, I was also able to improve my grammar.

I informed my colleagues about this course and recommended the experience to them as well. /Matej Petrevčič/