France, here we come!

Senlis /

After the April enjoyable meeting in St. Stanislav’s Institution third year students are off to Senlis, France. The exchange with Lycee Saint-Vincent will take place from 29th September – 4th October 2016 and bears the title »Things seen, things said« /Choses vues, choses dites/.

Senlis is a medieval town with long and rich heritage. The monarchs of the early French dynasties lived here, the place is especially renowned for the gothic cathedral and its vast historical monuments. The planned visits of sights will serve as a starting point for further creative activities within various workshops including literature, theatre, chansons and movie making. The characteristics of French and Slovene culture will be presented through skits, videos and songs. As usual, the aim of the exchange is to discover local ways of life, language, culture and, last but not least, to hang out with French peers and promote friendship among nations. From both parties this includes 50 students and six teachers all together. /Daša Deželak Obrč, mentor of the exchange/