Four DCG Students Receive Honourable Mention for the Video in The World of 7 Billion Contest

Filmmakers Benjamin, Vid, Amadej and Timotej from left to right

Timotej Cvirn, Amadej Pavšič, Benjamin Poljanc and Vid Kregar joined the international contest The World of 7 Billion, which is a project of the population education program that focuses on human population issues.  Among 3000 high school videos theirs received an honorable mention. Since 1975, the program has developed curricula to complement students’ social science instruction about human population trends and their impacts on natural resources, environment and human well-being.

Student competitors have been asked to create a video about human population growth that highlights one of the global challenges and the above mentioned students have chosen the topic of feeding 10 billion highlighting the subtheme of food waste. Taking on this challenge and finding solutions require understanding, but above all cooperation and creativity. Timotej, who is the heart and soul of the project, believes the population issue is in fact a burning one, explaining: “It’s important to start solving the problems now, if we start solving them when we hit 10 billion, it might be too late.” The production is entirely nonverbal, which enables even non-English speakers to get the message. “Brainstorm to get a good story. You can film the video with a smartphone, but you need a good message.” Indeed, well done guys!

Please click to watch the video and find extra information on its background. /Lily Schweiger Kotar/