Exchanges with St. Bernardus College from Oudenaarde

WWI Military Cemetery in Gorjansko, Slovenia

In school year 2015/16 two exchanges took place with the above mentioned Flemish school, with which St. Stanislav’s Institution has been in cooperation for long years.
In April 2015 a group of 21 DCG students accompanied by two teachers spent in Belgium a lovely and educative week, in September  2015 the Belgians came over to Slovenia. The common thread of the exchange revolved around the centenary of the beginning of WWI and getting to know Slovenia and its highlights. Afternoons were dedicated to the sightseeing of Ljubljana and its surroundings, as well as Bled, where we rowed to the island in the middle of Lake Bled. One of the most memorable parts of the exchange was a visit to the Slovene Littoral, where students got acquainted with the Isonzo Front and its role in WWI, visited the famous Lipica stud farm and eventually enjoyed a late-summer swim in the Adriatic Sea.
The mentors of the above mentioned exchange in Slovenia were the following teachers: Andrej Bartol, Mirjam Erce Vratuša and Špela Zupan.