Easter Greetings 2017

Stane Jarm, Christ (watercolour; from the collection of artworks donated to St. Stanislav’s Institution by Gregor Dolšak)

What is in the spirit of the night; Your ruby light shines through, what is a sore, You heal, dry riverbeds; You transform into green waters, what is blind and muted ice You melt. And then a different vision rises through the spirit: from the healed sores; blessed with a light-red transparency breezes in a youthful shine the power of Your Resurrection.  (Vladimir Truhlar)

Dear friends, our fragile and wounded lives are illuminated with the rays of redemptive light. Life is stronger than death, love is stronger than hatred and hope is stronger than fear. Let the celebration of these festive days strengthen our faith in the power of Life, fill us with new hope and give us courage to bring and promote life around us.

We wish you a Happy Easter!

Roman Globokar, PhD, Director of St. Stanislav’s Institution