Director of St. Stanislav’s Institution Congratulates on the 30th Anniversary of Slovenia’s Independence

Children are the nation’s proud future

The director of St. Stanislav’s Institution, Anton Česen, M.A., addressed the employees at the end of the school year to mark the 30th anniversary of Slovene statehood.

“I wish to extend my sincere thanks to everybody in this institution at the end of this school year on the day, when pupils and students receive the reports and honourable mentions. At the same time I congratulate you all for the 30th birthday of the Slovene state. This school year has been so different from any prior year. Thank you all for your courage, innovativeness, adaptability, patience, responsibility and trust. I am sure that this year everybody has learned something new, so let us keep and cherish this as a token of hope for the future to come.

Throughout this year we have been following in thoughts the persona of Alojzij Šuštar, the Archbishop of Ljubljana at the time of Slovenia’s struggle for independence. Due to his fruitful contacts with people from abroad, he played a decisive role at the crucial moments of the formation of Slovenia’s statehood.  On 26th July 1991, when the solemn celebration to mark Slovenia’s independence took place, the Archbishop celebrated the mass for the homeland and accentuated in his homily the following: “Let us unite the two aspects of our lives – on one hand we should trust in God, as though everything depended on Him alone, and on the other, we should work honestly, persistently and hard, as though everything depended on man alone. Let us be worthy of historic times as humans, Christians and Slovenes – in openness and benevolence towards every human being.”

Dear colleagues, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on the 30th Anniversary of Slovenia’s Independence. I wish you a joyful celebration and all the blessings in the times to come. “ /Anton Česen, M.A./