Çiler İlhan Visits Students of The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium


Çiler İlhan

The Turkish writer participated in the panel discussion on her book Exile on 18th April 2018. It has been recently translated also in Slovene, amongst 27 other languages. Having been a guest at the international PEN meeting in Bled, Slovenia, she gladly shared her views and motives for writing with some 60 third years.

As a writer, İlhan has been active since her youth. She won several international awards, of which the EU Prize for Literature in 2011 and Prix Du Livre Lorientales 2017 are the most prominent. Exile, the new book of short stories, has been written as the author puts it “with the hope that all those exiled from their homes, countries, bodies, souls may return to their homes within.”

The students eagerly listened to her powerful message. Çiler İlhan is a woman of vision – especially for the young. She urged them to speak up, not to be silenced and discouraged by the thought that nothing can be done. “On the contrary,” she said. “You have the duty and strength to start changing the injustices of the world step by step, starting with people around you and slowly reaching out into the big world.” With her energy and commitment to serve the underprivileged of today’s world, especially women, she touched the audience’ hearts and showed a path into a better and more just world. /Lily Schweiger Kotar/