24th Annual Concert of the Choirs and Orchestra of St. Stanislav’s Institution

Singing Boosts Happiness

Cordially invited to the traditional concert, which will take place on Saturday, 6th May, 2017 at 6.00 p.m. in Gallus Hall in Cankarjev Dom (Ljubljana). The entire choir pyramid of St. Stanislav’s Institution, consisting of almost 500 singers, along with the string orchestra will perform at the concert entitled Song Invigurates. A variety of compositions ranging from renaissance and classicism to rock and folk music will be put on stage. The concert will include also the novelty piece by Damijan Močnik  Jerusalem/ Yerushalayim performed by St. Stanislav Girls’ Choir.

Tickets are available in St. Stanislav’s Institution (call ++386 31 708 313), or on the concert day, an hour before the beginning of the concert in the first foyer in Cankarjev dom.