The mission of St. Stanislav’s Institution is to foster the integral personal growth of each individual in the community, guided by faith, hope and love and in dialogue with the world, with the goal of living fully for the betterment of the world.

Personal actions are underscored by the following values: Christian faith, comprehensive personal growth, creative knowledge, community and active openness.

 Code of ethics in St. Stanislav’s Institution is meant as a common fundation for educational work of every emplyee and as encouragement for continual personal growth and development.

  1. The employee takes care of his/her own comprehensive personal growth.
  2. Is honest and authentic.
  3. Means well.
  4. Complies with the Christian orientation of the Institution.
  5. His/her work is done professionally and with enthusiasm.
  6. Is autonomous and chooses topics depending on their sensibility and applicability for life.
  7. Is aware of personal limits and knows how to accept criticism.
  8. Faces new challenges bravely.
  9. Is aware of his/her influence and power to set examples.
  10. Is emphatic and sensitive to the uniqueness of each individual.
  11. Is fair and just.
  12. Evaluates and appreciates versatility of students’ activities and praises progress.
  13. Is respective and attentive towards all employees and ready to help.
  14. Shoulders his/her share of responsibility for the community of St. Stanislav’s Institution, follows the endeavours of all schools in the institution and shapes positive atmosphere.
  15. He/she cooperates with parents regularly and builds a trustworthy relationship.
  16. Demonstrates active citizenship.


Educational principles of St. Stanislav’s Institution direct teachers’ way of educating and their attitude towards students, fellow teachers and parents. These are:

  1. Fostering comprehensive personal growth
  2. Sensible knowledge and life skills
  3. Innovation and creativity
  4. Freedom and responsibility
  5. Fairness and justice
  6. Trust and dialogue
  7. Empathy and care for the weak
  8. Openness to everybody
  9. Building the community
  10. Noble-mindedness and excellence