International activities enhance the programmes of the individual schools in St. Stanislav’s Institution. They are meant as lessons in another environment, in which students actively learn about new places, customs, history, languages, natural sciences, art, music and other subjects related to the particular international activity. Among the most important objectives are familiarity and respect of differences and overcoming stereotypes about foreign countries and people. Foreign collaboration strengthens the collective consciousness of belonging to the European cultural space. At least one international event occurs every month. We are very proud of our international involvement and constantly aspire to expand it.

If you are interested in any kind of cooperation with St. Stanislav’s  Institution or have some questions about the projects that are in progress or have been completed, please do not hesitate to contact the international office.

This year for the first time we are organising a seminar about Experiental learning as a result of all the experience we gained through the past couple of years. To learn more about the seminar and how to apply, please click on the link below.