The programme complies with the principles and objectives of preschool education in Slovenia, considering the educational concept based on Christian values.
It is our aim that children discover and are fascinated by the beauty of creation. We wish to teach them how to live a healthy life, discover and develop each child’s abilities, generate interest for the arts and help parents in educating their children. We wish that every child in our kindergarten would feel unique and as an indispensable part of the group, thus creating a beautiful life of each individual and the entire community.

The Good Shepherd Kindergarten implements a state-approved preschool programme which includes activities in six fields: physical activity, language, arts, society, nature and math. A lot of attention is paid to development of the sense of language and arts and a great emphasis is laid on physical activities, contact with nature and spirituality. We want to bring the written word closer to children, and thus provide a special place designated as the kindergarten library, where children and their parents can read and borrow quality children’s books. The importance of musical art is emphasised through daily listening to classical music, singing, recording children’s songs and collaborating with the music school. We get to know the field of visual arts through numerous drawing and painting techniques and crafts. Daily outdoor activities on the covered terrace, in the playground or in the pavilion, enables the children to be in direct contact with nature.
We also care for children’s well-being with proper physical activities. Throughout the seasons we get to know different physical activities, sports and sport games. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is also implemented in the atrium, which is intended and equipped for this purpose.


Within the newly constructed building next to the imposing edifice of St. Stanislav’s Institution, the kindergarten consists of six big, bright and modernly equipped playrooms. Each of them has its own bathroom and a covered terrace with access to the kindergarten’s playground. The playrooms are named after Slovenian fairy tale heroes: The Slipper Cat, the Grateful Bear, Bobek and the Little Boat, Videk’s New Shirt, Peter Klepec and Mojca Pokraculja. The story characters’ main qualities are tidiness, gratefulness, friendship, mutual help and good-heartedness, and they serve the children as a role model and encouragement to do good.