Damijan Močnik On His Novelty JERUSALEM

 Composer and conductor Damijan Močnik wrote a composition entitled JERUSALEM  for St. Stanislav Girls’ Choir to be performed at 11th World Symposium on Choral Music in July 2017 in Barcelona. Here are some of Močnik’s reflections on the piece: “Jerusalem means »the city of peace«; however, the city reflects the world we live in. Every […]

Poet Bluma Finkelstein Meets Students of The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium

Within the framework of the 49th International Writers’ Meeting in Bled, Slovenia, The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium had the honour of hosting Bluma Finkelstein, a poet and professor of French Literature at the University of Haifa in Isreal. The meeting with third year students took place on 10th May 2017 at 11.00p.m. in the A. Breznik […]

»Indescribably beautiful«

….  are the words by Susan Coontz which summarise many facts, but above all, they refer to ten years of fruitful cooperation between Wellington School in Ayr, Scotland and The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, the relationship that has developed ever since things set off and the trustful atmosphere among teachers and students involved. Last but not […]