Visit to Wellington School in Ayr, Scotland

The headmaster of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium Simon Feštanj paid his first visit with Alenka Battelino and Lily Schweiger Kotar to Wellington School in Ayr. We were very kindly taken care of by all the staff, especially Wellington headmaster Mr Simon Johnson and international coordinator Mrs Susan Coontz. A two-day visit (5th and 6th October […]

Finally Finland!

Finally we are in Finland! Our hosts are members of Luritus Choir and they kindly accepted us in their homes. On Monday 25th September 2017 we had a concert at Nurmo High School where we first had a voice opening and rehearsal. Our programme consisted of three parts – firstly we sang some Slovene folk […]

Estonia – here we come!

We arrived to Tallinn, on Saturday afternoon on 23rd September and went to the city centre straight away. We saw the main square with the town hall and an Eastern Ortodox church. After having lunch, we decided to sing in the streets of Tallinn. Many people stopped and ask  where we come from and who our […]