Transnational Project Meeting 3 in Târgovişte, Rumania

The third transnational project meeting of Art Nouveau – Art Renouveau took place from 1st–5th July 2016 and was organized by Constantin Catacuzino National College from Târgovişte. The activities of the second year of the project were reviewed and evaluated: it was found out that all activities were carried out according to the plan made […]

Grand Prix goes to Chamber Choir Megaron!

Chamber Choir Megaron, which consists of Diocesan Classical Gymnasium alumni, participated in the International Choir Festival Vratislava Sacra, which took place in Wrocław, Poland from 3rd to 5th June 2016. The Chamber choir Megaron, under the conductorship of Damijan Močnik,  won in two categories, namely in the category of mixed choirs and in the one […]

Presentation of The Project Erasmus+ KA2 NaSSI Results

A seminar for high-school teachers of biology, chemistry and physics will take place on Thursday, 2nd June 2016 at The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium in St. Stanislav’s Institution. The results of a two-year Erasmus+ project under KA2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices) entitled Natural Science for Social Impact, will be presented. After […]