»The feelings need to be translated, not the words, « – Juvenes Translatores 2018

 On 23rd November 2017 the international competition in translation Juvenes Translatores took place in all EU member states. The event promotes language learning and translation. The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium participated for the fourth time, this year as the only high school from the central Slovene region. Five contestants were translating from French, Spanish, German and […]

Rounding off the Exchange with Japan

The last day of the exchange was in my opinion truly unforgettable. We started quite early in the morning in one of first-graders English class. The Japanese students presented their high school and Japan, namely its inhabitants, traditions, values and history. After an interesting lesson, a bus took us far away from school and everyday […]


For the second time in a row The Diocesan Classical Gymnasium will take part in a English language competition Best in English. Students will have a unique opportunity to challenge their English language skills in an international competition, which will take place on 30th November, 2017. The Best In English contest is a unique worldwide English […]