Archbishop Zore: “Consider the obstacles, but never let them stop you.”

Each year the entire school community of St. Stanislav’s Institution celebrates St. Stanislaus’ Day to mark the feast of the Institution’s patron. It took place on 13th November 2020, in particular to celebrate the many talents and successes of the pupils of Alojzij Šuštar Primary School and the students of Diocesan Classical Gymnasium. The headmasters […]

St. Stanislav’s Day 2020 – Fulfilling God’s Will

Each year the entire school community celebrates St. Stanislav’s Day to mark the feast of the Institution’s patron. This year it is under the title of Fulfilling God’s Will which was the motto of Alojzij Šuštar (1920-2020), the Archbishop of Ljubljana between 1980-97. The centenary of his birth is being celebrated this academic year. Inspirational […]

David Ošlaj, alumni of DCG, to participate in International Distributed Physics Olympiad 2020

It is an honour to announce that last year graduate of the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium David Ošlaj is to participate at the International Distributed Physics Olympiad ( The event is organized by the famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology for those students who qualified for the International Physics Olympiad 2020. Unfortunately, it was cancelled […]